Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Best waffles ever. And the easiest, too. SO YUMMY ♥ Thanks to Calista for the basic recipe and Alex for the waffle maker!

Now let me tell you one of the many reasons Josh is the best husband in the world: while we were in Florida, I missed out on a girl's night with my good friends from high school and I was pretty bummed about it. So Josh knows this, and he decides to contact the girls behind my back about coming over and surprising me with an evening of hang out time. So they all came over tonight and it was LOVELY! I hadn't seen some of them since the wedding, and I hadn't spent time with any of them without Josh yet, so tonight was the first true "girl time" I've had in months! He cleaned the house for me, then they came over this evening and he went upstairs to work while we enjoyed ourselves. Seriously, I felt so special and loved. And Josh is a sweetheart for orchestrating it for me. ♥ Unfortunately I didn't think to take a picture while they were all here :/ But it's ok because I got to be with my girlfriends. Such special friends ♥

So yeah, today was wonderful. I'm incredibly blessed with both wonderful friends AND a sweet, thoughtful husband who understands and accepts me for me :D :D I'm elated!

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