Sunday, January 16, 2011


Today was a fail on my part when it comes to documenting what happened. Seriously, my entire family was available to come over for lunch, it was my little brother's last day of break, and my Dad played Just Dance to Ke$ha. And I didn't think to take a photo. FAIL. I suppose I was enjoying their company so much that the time flew by and they had to leave before I knew it. :( Alex got to hang out a little longer than everyone else though! That was nice :) I don't get to see my family super often anymore, so it was seriously wonderful.

Then this evening, Barry and Emily came over, bearing a new game: This vs That. I thought it was really fun! I think the guys weren't thrilled with it, but I mean. *shrug* Emily and I liked it. I think the consensus was that it'll be more fun with more people. We also watched Scott Pilgrim vs the World <3 Today was a good day!

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