Friday, January 21, 2011


I was promised Beauty and the Beast, and I got this. 
Today, we were supposed to drive up to Murray State University to see Rebekah Davis as Belle in Beauty and the Beast. A bunch of us were supposed to go, and we were going to carpool... But the stupid snow that came a couple days ago ruined that... Basically we came to a consensus that while the roads were ok to drive on for the way there, we'd have to be driving back late tonight. and it's supposed to be snowing there this evening. So... that was a huge disappointment. I'm really bummed.

So instead of driving to Kentucky, I took a nap. When I woke up, Josh asked me if I'd play Halo with him, hahaha... so I obliged. We set up a custom game with his siblings, and while I got destroyed, I actually killed Jordan one time = sweet.  I suck at that game. Like so much it's not even fun for me. But I think it makes Josh's day if I'll play a round or two with him every once in a while.. He's nice and lets me try to figure out the controls without killing me like he easily could :P

Anyway, so. Still really bummed about missing Rebekah's performance. I have no doubt that she did a kick-butt job as Belle. Man, I can't believe I'm missing it :( Sad. But I did enjoy bumming around with Josh, so not a total loss of a day :P

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