Saturday, January 22, 2011


We did a few different things today that I could have taken pictures of, but the truth is, I wasn't thinking about it :P So you get a poorly-composed picture of my dinner... which was delicious, I might add.

Abercrombie & Fitch is literally the worst store ever. Josh and I each received a $50 gift card to A&F for Christmas, so we went today to see if we could find anything... Just. Kind of a frustrating experience. But I got two sweaters out of it without paying anything, so there's a plus I guess. We didn't end up spending it all but I doubt we'll be going back any time soon. Shrug.

Also noteworthy, we watched The Game this evening... a very strange movie. I could've been cool with it but it just kept getting more and more ridiculous which made it difficult to stay emotionally involved. I don't know. By the end, it was like, "Wait, this is the twist? This has been the twist the whole time. Who cares."

Despite my complaining though, today was a really nice Saturday. Josh and I always enjoy hanging out together :)
Mmk. Goodnight, internets.

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