Friday, January 28, 2011


Isn't he the cutest?
Today was the 6th anniversary of the night Josh and I met! :) :) He was so cute and dorky that night :P I remember driving home listening to the "33 Reasons I'll Never Be Popular" CD he gave me and laughing a lot and thinking that he was someone I wanted to get to know because we had similar humor. Good thing, too ;) What a good six years it's been! A lot has happened.. A lot. I don't really know how to articulate it. But I'm thankful every day that Josh and I were such good friends before we started dating.. I'm thankful that we stayed friends even during the times things were rough. (Even after we weren't really talking, go figure.) I admire Josh so much for loving me even when I was a silly fickle teenage girl with commitment issues who hurt him. I'm glad he stuck with me, because I came around ;) I'm so thankful for our history. It's made our relationship so much deeper than it would have been otherwise. *grin*

Ok, sorry for being so mushy, haha. I'm just so happy that Josh is my friend :) My best friend!

Our favorite two player game, Rack-O
We'd planned on going on a little date and hang out all day to celebrate, but I was feeling kinda blah today, so Josh hung out at the house with me pretty much all day :) He surprised me with flowers and chocolate to make me feel better :P He also went and got Panera for dinner and we ate a picnic in the living room with our good friend Ryan Adams playing in the background. Then Rack-O, our favorite :)

Good day :)

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