Monday, January 31, 2011


Barry and his Elizabethtown.
Ok, these are both "oh crap I need to take a picture of something" pictures. But I like the composition on both for different reasons, so I couldn't decide which to put up :P

Tonight was game night :) A bunch of people were over! We played The Game of Things... so fun. In addition to the "regulars," (all of whom I love, btw.. I know someone will give me a hard time about that if I don't make this clear :P) it was cool to get to hang out with Bethany R and Isaac! And even Bethany D and Abby came too! Yeah, tonight was fun. Everyone sort of filtered out as the night went on, but Abby was the last person to leave and we spent about a half hour watching funny youtube videos making fun of Anakin Skywalker and Bella Swan :P Hlarious - have fun with those links. PEACEOUT.

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