Friday, February 4, 2011


Josh loves Chuck.

Hahaha - this makes me laugh. See, I asked Josh to throw a thumbs up in front of the screen so I could get the silhouette, like this. His resulting posture made me laugh.. haha. What a sweet and obliging husband I have. 

Josh wasn't feeling too well today, so he amazingly slept in (which never happens), and we took it easy all day. Which = we played some ilomilo and watched some Chuck season 1 :D I'd never seen any of Chuck, so I'm enjoying it! I also went the comfort food route for dinner and made some veggiecheese pizza. :P I think that hanging out around the house and letting me baby him all day has done Josh a world of good... He'll back to normal in no time. 

The thumb is up again. It's a thumbs up picture day.
Josh keeps telling me that I'm going to have an awesome birthday. He keeps having secret conversations and creeping around the house and telling me not to look at things, etc. SNEAKY SNEAKY. I'm excited :)

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