Saturday, February 5, 2011


When Josh ridicules me, he points at his head in a show of superiority.
This is Josh ridiculing me for not taking pictures at "Uncle" Melvin's surprise birthday party this evening. There were a bunch of cute babies and a ton of attractive people, but I was too embarrassed of my amateur skills to pull out my super fancy camera and fumble around with it til I snapped some satisfactory pictures. Yes, I know.. I'm dumb.. But really. Until I get really comfortable with that thing, I'll hesitate to break it out in groups. Especially when there are at least two for-realsies photographers in the room! :P

Other than that, the party was enjoyable. I really like that family! Everyone is so sweet and friendly and everyone likes each other. Shrug, it's just nice to be around. And I wasn't kidding when I said the kids are cute... Freaking adorable. Jessica leaned over and asked us if we had any plans for babies and time soon.. and while that thought terrifies me at this present moment in our lives, I honestly look forward to having a sweet baby as adorable as Jonah or Caiden or Jack or Caleb. So cute! <3

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  1. girl! you should've brought your camera! :) USUALLY I have mine and I'm all up in everyone's business taking photos, they don't care. :)