Monday, February 14, 2011


My husband is so CUTE. I think he's very handsome. And, oh, those eyes! <3 :P

Happy Valentines Day! Man, the weather was gorgeous, was it not? I am so excited about the spring. We decided yesterday that we were going to go to the park after our Fulin's lunch date (omg @ crab rangoon), so when we cracked open our fortune cookies today and Josh's said, "Visit a park today. Enjoy nature and it's beauty," or something like that hahahaha. It was a weird/awesome moment. :P

Now, I know that the Percy Priest Dam isn't technically a park. We were going to go to Charlie Daniel's originally, but I wanted to relive one of our earliest dates - hanging out and taking pictures at the Dam. The sunshine was so pleasant! We had a good time :) 

Overall, first married Valentine's Day = a success! <3 One thing I love about Josh and I is that we make a point to have special days fairly often.. so while V-Day is a good excuse to have another one of those, it's not a day that means too much more than any other date day :D Oh, also tomorrow is my birthday, so haha - I guess that's why I've never really had any strong feelings (positive or negative) toward the holiday.

Love to you all!

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