Saturday, February 19, 2011


Today is my 50th day of blogging! I'm so proud of myself for not missing any days (I'm not counting the few late nights when I had to post an hour or two late).

I know that this isn't the most interesting photo to post on such an anniversary.. But today was a major chill day for Josh and I, so it's what I have. I'm pretty pleased with this particular scoreboard! Josh gave me an XBox Live account for my birthday, so I've only been playing Halo since Tuesday. I'm Keener Taylor, there... and this was the first game I've played that I wasn't in last place. Also I beat my highest score by like 7000! So. It was an awesome game for me. And I have to tell all of you that I've really enjoyed playing Halo for real. I mean... I'm still not ready to play online against other people, but I'm getting the controls down enough to hold my own against AI aliens pretty well, haha. Shrug. It's just a silly something, but it's cool because  Josh enjoys playing, and I like enjoying the things he enjoys. So we can enjoy them together! Haha.

Anyway, that's basically it. G'night, lovelies.

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