Thursday, February 24, 2011


All of these people are avid fans of roller coasters. 
Three Things:
  • Aunt Linda makes the most delicious French Bread Pizza. Better than I ever could have imagined. Also, I was struck several times with how gorgeous both Katie and Hannah are. Can't forget Caiden - he's adorable.
  • My husband is awesome and can literally quote the entire first Spiderman movie, scene by scene. No joke. I couldn't sleep last night and asked him to tell me a story - this is what he gave me. 
  • Duuuude, we got an FD to EOS lens adapter today and it is awesome. Now I can put my old lenses for the AE-1 onto the body of the new, digital 7D. I love it - I get so much more depth with my old lenses <3

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