Friday, February 25, 2011


Three Things:
  • My dad is borrowing the camera this weekend. I am so... so sad about that... I already miss it. So the next few days' photos are going to be of a poorer quality. And they'll be shot by a sad Kelli. Mostly joking, of course.
  • Last night, the MacDonald's shed got pwned by the storm. So Josh went over and helped Barry take care of the mess-chainsawing a tree and tarping the roof-and I met them up for dinner at O'Charley's. :) It was a good time. COME HOME, EMILY we freaking miss you...
  • "Welcome to Chick-fil-A, my name is Kelli; how may I serve you?" I have literally uttered this greeting thousands and thousands of times in the last (almost) six years. I don't even think about it, it just tumbles off my tongue.. I'm sick of selling chicken in my life.

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