Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I HAVE MY CAMERA BACK ♥ I am so happy. However, four days without it took my head outta the daily photo game.. Josh had to remind me to take a picture for today, haha. That was only about half an hour ago, so... not much thought put into this one.

Today was a major chill day.. Slept in, we played Halo, ran a couple errands, but mainly just chilled at the house. It was nice.

We also worked on a photography website!! (for when I'm actually taking "real" pictures for people :p) It's nowhere near complete, but here's the link if you're interested: www.keenerphotos.com Keep an eye out for some super-great deals on Senior pictures (or any kinds of pictures, really...) in the next few weeks! I've got a couple photo shoot plans in the works, so I'll get some photos up there SOON.

Geez, I've stayed up too late. Gotta get up in like 6 1/2 hours. G'NIGHT

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