Saturday, March 12, 2011


I wasn't feeling well today, so unfortunately I missed Jordan's races :/ Josh was very sweet and offered to take pictures for me... I realize that is technically cheating, but I justify it in my head by realizing that any pictures he took at the race are infinitely more interesting than the pictures I would have taken sitting in a hotel room, sick. Ha. This was taken after the race...  Isn't it great? I was way impressed with Josh's timing when I looked through the CF card. It's kinda tricky shooting such a fast-paced subject, and he did very well. This was, by far, my favorite picture from the day! (Even though it's a little out-of focus... That adds to the charm! It's such a great moment.. I love it)

The official report was that Jordan did awesome! He got either 6th or 8th out of like 30 (we'll know which for sure tomorrow). And they told me that he was the only "B" class cycler from Cumberland to make it 'til the end! I'm so proud of him! I wish I hadn't missed it. But I'll def be there tomorrow. And I'm pumped. :D

I forgot to mention the 8.9 earthquake that happened in Japan yesterday - and something like six nuclear reactors failed today... which is really not good. We're praying for them.


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