Monday, March 14, 2011


Wow. Today has been awesome. My friends at Chick-fil-A made me feel special all day long! They even took me to O'Charley's after the lunch rush so we could all hang out and reminisce, and they gave me farewell gifts. Hannah gave me the most awesome frame filled with goofy pictures from CFA over the years... it's so cool. I love it. And Randy and Joy gave me an herb garden! Now the kitchen smells like fresh mint and basil!

It hasn't really kicked in that I'm not going back. I've grown up a lot through that place, you guys. Leaving is a really big deal, haha. I feel like I should be more sad or something.. But I'm not! It's been a wonderful [almost] six years, and I'm excited about moving on. On to what exactly will be determined in time. We've got a few good ideas :)

Tonight is GAME NIGHT and I'm going to make waffles for everyone :D What a good monday!

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