Thursday, March 17, 2011


Three Things:

  • Josh DJ'd the NLA Father/Daughter Dance tonight and it was fuuuuun. The girls loved him - coming up every two or three songs with requests. And I swear, he played almost the whole "My World 2.0" CD for them. So funny :)
  • Lightroom isn't working for me. I wanted to tweak these a little to make them pop... But alas. You guys will have to make do with the originals :P HOPEFULLY the Adobe people will email us back really quickly.. I like to think that I don't lean too heavily on photo-editing, but I do appreciate what I can do with it, and I miss it!
  • We freaking left Chuck season 2 in the Taylor's van last weekend. BOOO. 

"Can you play Justin Bieber?"
This little girl and her dad were so cute. 

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