Sunday, March 20, 2011


First off, my Dad asked me to tell everyone how jealous he is of our new coffee table for being today's photo. He really wanted to be featured again, which is understandable - he is the (self-proclaimed) best lookin' Daddy in the world ;) ;)

Second, YES we finally got a coffee table! It's a little beat up, but I think it adds character :p (plus it was only $20 for it and two matching side tables at Goodwill... winning!)

Next on the living room to-do list... Maybe get a cute rug and pillows to match. Definitely get a lamp for the other side of the couch to balance the room out. Figure out the Record player situation. Actually hang some wall art instead of talking about it all the time (gotta get over that fear of putting holes in the walls!) But today's find has inspired me! I want to spruce the place up a bit!

Dinner with my parents at Greek Cuisine was really fun :) I love love love getting to hang out with my family! They let us borrow the van so we could schlepp the tables home, then we met them back at their house for smoothies and District 9.. good movie, but the language is terrible! Anyway, the point is that I had a good day. I ♥ Momma and Daddy :D

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  1. Isn't it fun to make your house (or apartment, etc) into a home? I love it. I also LOVE that your laptops are the only thing on the coffee table. Hehe.