Monday, March 21, 2011


Jen's a cutieface!

What a good day! Josh had the day off so we played some video games and watched Catfish - it blew our minds..  Hooolllyyyy cow........... Then Jen came over and we all went to Murfreesboro, and we stopped by Fulin's to see our buddy Alex Taylor (also to get their freaking ah-mazing crab rangoon aka heaven). It was fun! It was good to see Alex.

Then we surprised Seth for his 21st birthday! We played a hilarious round of Argue, then a hilarious round of The Game of Things. It was really fun! It's always nice seeing Seth and Alex. We don't make it out to Murfreesboro that often, so. Happy Birthday, Seth! :)

I love you boys! <3

Alrighty. Goodnight, world of wide web.

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