Thursday, March 24, 2011


I got my hair chopped off!! So you all get these mugshot-esque before and after pictures. :)

I love it. It feels so light and fresh and I welcome the change :) I was thinking I wanted go shorter than what it ended up being, but I like this too. And I'm sure it'll keep growing on me. HA - Literally! That pun was not intended.. I crack myself up!

Anyway, I went to a salon in Hermitage called Michelle's, and Shannon took such good care of me. Best experience I've ever had with a hairdresser! She gave me a bunch of tips for working with my hair at home, and they were all supa easy (which is so good for me - she said the magic words "shower and go" and I smiled so big :P)

Josh spent the day with the Powell family, making a funny video and having a good time. Not sure when it'll be online, but I'll link to it here when it shows up!

Mmk, we has gots to do some serious grocery shopping. Peace.

P.S. This post broke my record for the most viewed blogpost in 24 hours! The previous record holder was from the beginning of January! :O

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