Saturday, March 26, 2011


BONFIRE. :) Isn't this picture of Josh awesome? I know that with the campfire-as-lighting and the half grin, it's a little creepy. But it reminds me of Star Wars, and therefore I love it. Those little embers floating away in the background are sweet.

We thought we were going to be rained out tonight! It rained all afternoon. Emily and I went shopping/had delicious Greek food for lunch in said rain... it was not pretty.

Anyway so since we thought it might be too wet for the bonfire, we played a really long game of Things, but it turns out that Barry and Nyk got the fire going even while it was sprinkling! So the end of the evening was spent enjoying the fire.

Dude I'm ready for the weather to stop teasing us and just STAY WARM.

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  1. Ha ha - of course Barry & Nyk would be able to start a fire in the rain! :P I like the Star Wars picture of Josh, too. :)