Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Picked up some new reading material at the library. (Where I was reminded yet again that I do not have a Davidson County library card. And once again I didn't have my ID or anything with me. Josh has one, though, so I guess I don't really need one as long as I only go to the library when Josh goes to the library. Honestly, that's not too difficult.) As you can see, I was intrigued by Shirley Temple's Autobiography, while Josh grabbed Monica's Story. We also got a couple film documentaries - one about high school politics and one about the kidnapping of Patty Hearst - and a biography of Thomas Edison, known as "the father of invention" = super interesting for a patent artist like my husband! So I'm looking forward to all the learning we'll do this week :) In the words of Andrew Brewer, "Library ftw."

We also drove over to the ghost of Opry Mills to pick up our General Jackson tickets for tomorrow! On the way home, we broke our no--eating-out-til-April rule and had an early dinner at Uncle Bud's... which we both ended up regretting haha. Fried foods are not our friends. But it was yummy at the time? :/ After that, we went into Southern Thrift to look for an old fashioned lacey tablecloth, and left with a cute summer dress and two Carmen San Diego computer games :P All for under ten bucks! Still looking for an uber cheap lace tablecloth. It's for an art project I've got in my head.. So if anyone knows of a good place to get them, let me in on the secret. I'll probably end up going to Hobby Lobby and buying just some lace fabric... We'll see.

Anyway, I feel like today's post was a little all over the place, and I apologize for that. I hope that everyone had a good Wednesday!

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