Thursday, March 31, 2011


This evening, Josh and I went on the General Jackson! AH it was awesome. They served a yummy meal, put on a good Country Music tribute-esque show, and we got to hang out on a boat all night :) it was really cool! That propeller in the picture above weighs 38 tons. Can you believe that?

One of the ship's crew, er... cast? He was in the band, so I guess technically he's part of the cast...? Anyway, the bassist was pacing the deck as a part of his pre-show ritual, and he passed by us like four times. Finally, Josh made a friendly joke about it, so he started talking to us and he offered to take our picture. I'm really impressed/happy with how it turned out! He was very sweet - he took his time to compose the shot, even waiting for the lights in the background to be in a good spot - he said his wife's a photographer, so he was better than your average stranger pointing your camera at you. So that was a cool interaction, and we got a great picture out of it! :) Too bad we didn't catch his name.

I'm glad we got to go. I was bummed out when I woke up with a bad headache this morning, because we'd been looking forward to this evening for a while! But Josh took care of me, I took half a dose of excedrin, and spent most of the day in bed, reading my Shirley Temple book (which is really interesting so far, by the way!). Those three things worked pretty well and my headache was all gone in time to leave for the excursion.

Three Things:
  • They ended the tribute part of the show on Taylor Swift. There is no reason for that. Unless they were trying to insinuate that she is the end of good country music hahahahahahahaha 
  • My Dad is borrowing my camera again this weekend, so SADLY I will not have it back until Sunday night = you guys will get lesser quality photos :(  
  • We sat at a table this evening with a couple who'd been married for 45 years! One of the men at our table asked them for the secret to a long, happy marriage. The husband looked at his wife tenderly, then looked back up and said, "forgiveness." I thought that was so cool! :) :)

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