Friday, April 1, 2011


Okay, okay. We played an April Fool's joke that kind of got out of hand. But by the time it was too late, it was kind of too funny to stop. So I'll put the record straight:

No, I am not pregnant.

I would like to point out that I merely stated the truth:

I was tricky in my wording, that's true. I was originally just going to say, "I am not pregnant" and leave it at that, but at the last minute it struck me that it could be funny to make the wording more mysterious. If I had thought about it for two minutes, I probably would have stuck to the original plan, haha. I honestly thought that only a few people would be fooled, and mostly everyone else would see the wording and think, "Oh I see what she did there - clever," and move on. I realize now that I should have expected the reaction we got. 

Dude but soooooo many people texted us today, both to congratulate and to ask us if it was real haha. My own mother even called me! I was like, "Are you serious? You really think I would tell people on facebook in this way WITHOUT telling my own family first?" Haha. Hilarious. But I'm sorry to everyone who got their hopes up and then crushed, and I'm sorry if you're mad at me for pulling your leg! You have to admit that it was kinda well done though :P

We definitely learned today that when we are going to have a baby, we will be surrounded by a LOT of really excited people :D :D And that day will be awesome! But just so everyone knows, we're not going to be trying that for a few years. Not only do we want to have some time to enjoy each other and figure out life a little more before we're responsible for a new life, but I'm still working on getting my body back to 100% healthy :)

Alright, now that that's out of the way, doesn't today's picture remind you a little of this guy"I have the death sentence on twelve systems!" Funny! 

Happy April Fool's Day, folks :) 

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  1. I thought it was a brilliant joke! Haha! But yeah. I told Josh there's no way Danny and I would ever be able to joke about that. My family would go into hysterics and there'd be no bringing them back to reality. Pity. =P