Monday, April 4, 2011


Our Internet is out because of the weather, we're guessing. So I'm updating this from Jen's phone THANKS JEN. I'll put up pictures from today once our Internet kicks back in! The storm today was crazy. But it was fun hiding in the closet. :P Anyways, goodnight!

EDIT (2:00pm, next day):
I know this isn't the most interesting photo I've ever taken. But it's the only one from day 094, haha. 

We have internet now :) So here's yesterday's photo. It was a pretty exciting day! Mrs. Lisa Patton on News Channel 2 guided us through the storm like the pro she is. So, it was a pretty exciting day with multiple touch-down tornadoes in our area - but geez that storm moved quick! I think from the time we realized there was going to be a bad storm, til the time we were safe was only a little over an hour.

By the evening, all threat of bad weather was gone, so everyone came over for game night, which turned into sit-around-and-talk-and-goof-off-night :) It was sort of refreshing and definitely fun. I like having people over! So it was a good, chill end to an exciting day.

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