Tuesday, April 5, 2011



Josh almost lost all the work he'd done today - he was really frustrated, and I felt bad :/ thankfully, he got about 3/4 of what he'd already done back! Almost a big deal EESH.

My mom stopped by this afternoon with a gift for me :D She'd seen this cute purple shirt at Wal Mart and thought of me! She's so sweet. Pray for my momma, though - she's worn out in a million different ways. I hate seeing her worn down like that. It makes me feel so helpless. But I sure love her, and I think she's great! She's definitely a trooper :)

This evening we went to the Taylor's house for a little birthday dinner for Anna Deakins, WHO DIDN'T EVEN SHOW because she wasn't feeling well :/ But it was still a pretty good time - Emily MacD showed up, and I enjoyed hanging out with her! :)

I took these two in the Taylor's backyard. I am sooooooo excited about the high-in-the-low-seventies forecast for tomorrow, oh my gosh <3

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