Sunday, April 10, 2011


I made it! I'm in the triple digits now! I'm pretty proud of myself. :) I've already learned a lot about my camera and understanding my personal style, and I feel like the quality of my photos are steadily improving. And I've still got the rest of the year to keep it up! I'm pretty excited about that :)

I wasn't feeling very well when I woke up, so I took a major chill day and didn't get out of the house. [Here's where I apologize to Jordan Taylor and David Hale for skipping out on their promised visits. I'm sorry, guys!] But Josh did keep the plans we'd made, so at least I don't have to feel bad about making him miss out too. He's actually at the DANYA show right now, and he keeps texting me to tell me how "catchy and hott" they are, haha. That man has a way with his words.

I just finished watching a documentary about the links between nutrition and cancer, called The Beautiful Truth. While I admit that the documenter's style is a bit amateur (and kinda cheesy), the facts are thoroughly laid out. And geez - it's sobering! Here's the trailer if anyone's interested:

If that intrigues you and you have Netflix, it's available to Watch Instantly - I recommend  you do that! Especially for those of you who have seen and appreciated Food, Inc (If you haven't, DO IT I'm serious. It's also available on Netflix through instant streaming. Everybody needs to watch that one!)

Needless to say, I'm feeling convicted in my eating habits. Haha! I'll have to sit Josh down soon and watch The Beautiful Truth with him. If we're being honest, he's the more motivated of the two of us, so I'll need his help haha. And we'll see where it goes from there! I'll let y'all know how it works out.


P.S. for those of you without Netflix, I'm pretty sure that both films are on YouTube as well!

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