Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We went to Gabby's for lunch again today! The man in the middle there is Doug, who owns Gabby's. His slogan is "Living the Dream" and he's such a friendly guy! I like this picture.

It was, of course, DELICIOUS. This time I got just a regular burger instead of the veggie burger (I know, how bold of me) and yeah - It sounds silly, but you can really tell the difference between a grass fed burger and a corn fed burger. I really liked it! Obviously I won't get that every time. That'll have to be a special occasions option for me and my mostly-vegetarian tummy :P

Jen came along with us this week! Not to leave the boys out or anything (but that's totally what i'm doing), don't Emily and Jen both look gorgeous in this picture? The sun is doing wonders for us ladies, I tell ya ;)

I'm posting so early this afternoon because we're going to head over to the Taylor's as soon as Josh is finished with today's work. We're doing our taxes super last-minute (the deadline is Friday!) and Mr. Ray is going to help out since Josh has to do his a specific way, since he's technically self-emplyed and other stuff I'm not 100% clear on? haha. So that'll be fun! At least I'll get to hang out with my other family :) I know I say this all the time, but I really love my family in law!

So I hope everyone's having a good Wednesday! Enjoy your Wednesday night activities :)

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