Thursday, April 14, 2011


We got this letter in the mail today from our sponsored child, Meskerem. She's 11 years old and from Ethiopia, and she's adorable. We have a picture of her somewhere, but I think it got lost in the move. It's probably upstairs in the mess-of-an-extra-room, hiding in an "important papers" file. Ha. But she is so sweet! I enjoyed writing her back, and I'm really excited about getting another letter from her - NOT GONNA LIE.

Today was nice and chill :) Prom tomorrow!

Three Things:

  • I watched an entire disc of Chuck Season 2 today. I wanted to keep watching, but I decided that 3 hours straight was enough for now... Love that show. Borderline obsessed, even.
  • We had chicken quesadillas for dinner - they were SO YUMMY and super easy. Definitely adding that one to the dinner rotation! (made with veggie cheese and avocado for me)
  • Josh finished up his first week of Insanity today. I'm so proud of him.. it's really intense, and he can already tell a difference. Heck, I can already tell a difference in him! His abs and arms are definitely benefitting ;) 

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