Sunday, April 17, 2011


We had lunch with my family this afternoon at the Greek Cuisine place in Mt Juliet and it was delicious as always! We finished the entire plate for the first time today - partially because there were six of us instead of the usual five. Hannah tagged along this week! It was a good time.

Dude so apparently last night at work, Alex blacked out, fell, and hit his head. SCARY - silly boy hadn't eaten enough and was also dehydrated. So Publix called an ambulance and everything but my parents ended up taking him to the Summit Emergency Room instead. I don't know how long they stayed, but they were there for a long time. They all looked so tired at lunch. I'm glad Alex is OK! All he has to show for it is a bump on the back of his head and hopefully he learned his lesson.

I'm still not feeling great today. I slept a LOT and that helped a little with the headache, but I woke up and felt stiff all over, still have slight headache, and I'm feeling super lethargic. Maybe I got too much sleep, maybe I still haven't recovered from Prom, I don't know... I just know that I don't really want to do anything today, haha.

Hey, Jordan just got here! He's picking up a video game. I'm gonna hang out with them now.

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