Saturday, April 23, 2011


I didn't take any pictures today until ten minutes ago. I'm getting lazy and unmotivated in my hundreds!

Today mark's a week without sugar for me (added/refined sugar, that is) and I'm telling you, I'm feelin' the withdrawals. I'm ashamed that I ever let it get so bad that I needed to quite cold turkey again. But you know! Easter candy happens :P I'm so weak-willed when it comes to Whopper's Robin Eggs! Regardless of my previous candy-related indiscretions, I'm proud of myself for cutting it out so successfully this week. Also, meat - I'd been eating too much chicken and my poor body just isn't cut out for that anymore.

Josh and Jordan finished their video today! Here it is, completed:

Hilarious, isn't it?! They're so weird and funny. I love it. I'm going to have that song stuck in my head for ages, though. It's pretty much all Josh has played this whole week, ha ha ha.

Shortly after the video was put up, John and Katie stopped by for a few minutes! It's always cool seeing them. We talked about bikes and coffee and exercising and internet things... We like them a lot!

Twilight Zone is now on Netflix to watch instantly = freaking awesome. I've watched at least four episodes today! Not a bad way to spend a Saturday ;)

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  1. Hey girl I totally understand the sugar thing-Alex and I are starting the same thing again.