Monday, May 2, 2011


Alex turns 21 on Tuesday!! We celebrated with lunch at our favorite Greek Cuisine restaurant. We had such a fun time! These pictures crack me up.

I should edit this one and the next one, but it's past midnight and i'm tired. Deal with the overexposure. 

I'm so proud of my Alex. He's growing up! He's still the smartest kid I know, and I'm excited to watch him continue to grow over the years. I'm glad you're my brother, Alex! ♥

I love my family and it's always so refreshing to get to hang out with them! And I enjoyed celebrating Alex today. He's a good kid. :D

And now, the reason it took me almost two hours since the time I sat down to post my blog, to actually doing it. When I got on facebook, I learned of the news:

Wow, so the search for Osama Bin Laden is over. The man is dead! People are rejoicing in the streets! Yay America! But yet... while I am genuinely happy about this ten year search being over, and the sense of justice everyone's feeling for the September 11 attacks... two things: 1) I don't believe for a second this is completely finished. His predecessors and partners will continue in terrorism. His death will inspire zealous youths to join up and maybe retaliate. I'm praying against all that, but I just don't buy that this is the end. and 2) amidst the overflow of "BOOYAH" statuses, one of my friends posted a verse, Proverbs 24:17 : "Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and let not your heart be glad when he stumbles." And it convicted me! It was like perspective... this is a man. He most likely went to hell (I mean unless Jesus knows something that no one else does! haha) Let's make sure we're rejoicing in the justice, and not in murder or hate. I know that not everyone agrees with me. But that's how I feel about the whole thing right now. And before anyone attacks my point of view, I just want to state that I mean no condemnation or judgement for anyone who thinks differently than me. So please be nice. :)

On that note! Haha. Hope everyone has a safe evening.

And happy almost-birthday, Alex - you're my favorite Alex in the whole world!

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  1. amen dear friend! couldn't have said it better! love you <3