Monday, May 2, 2011


Josh took this. (I mean-obviously.) Am I a total cheater for letting him do this every once in a while? I wasn't sure what to shoot, so he grabbed the camera and took this for me. His explanation: "I looked around the room and took a picture of the prettiest thing I saw." D'awww.

We were going to have a game night tonight, but this afternoon we decided that we needed a chill night. Josh hadn't had a day off in a while, and this morning it looked like he would get all day off  (he ended up needing to do a few drawings - but it worked out since we canceled game night = he didn't have to stress to get it done). So yeah, today was just chill. I got some laundry done, exercised with Josh a little during his Insanity workout, and we ate popcorn shrimp for dinner! Good day.

OH yeah, funny story - so about a month ago, Josh bought Insanity on eBay, but shortly after, he got an email from eBay saying they thought it was a scam. So Josh emailed the seller, telling them if he didn't have confirmation of shipping in 48 hours, he'd report it as fraudulent... No reply = we got our money back and Josh bought Insanity elsewhere. Fast-forward to today, and we've pretty much forgotten about it. Well, this evening, USPS came by with a package for Josh from China, and it was Insanity from the original eBay deal hahaha. AND it's the Deluxe edition. So now we have two sets! I think he's gonna put it up on eBay to make some money :P Puh-retty funny.

The end.

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  1. How much is it?? I'm looking for a new way to work out...