Thursday, May 5, 2011


We're playing Monopoly tonight at the Taylor's! I'm out of the game - I was tired and I wanted to work on my blog, so I donated my properties back to auction, and divvied up the rest of my money among my friends (according to my wishes laid out in my Monopoly Last Will and Testament) Jen has been running the board since the beginning, Jordan's been freaking out (I'm pretty sure he's threatened to break the board at least five times tonight), Amy's been laughing at everyone else, and Josh has been shaking his head at how foolish everyone else's deals have been (even though it looks like he's about to go out - he's got like seventy bucks left haha) Oh'p. Jordan is threatening to flip the board. I think he might actually do it. Jen talked him down. hahaha. That was hilarious.

I didn't sleep very well or very much last night. So if I don't make any sense... that's the reason.

AMY MADE HOMEMADE JALAPENO POPPERS. I don't like Jalapenos, but everyone else said they were delicious. My eyes were watering just from the steam. Or smell. Or something. I don't know. But I watched her make them and I was super impressed! Amy's a little homemaker! :D AND she took this picture too! :D

Hahahaha. Jordan just yelled, "I'm DONE. I QUIT." and walked out. Josh is laughing so hard he's crying. This is hilarious. I think they've decided that Jen won! That was quite a game.

Ok one last thing: a friend of mine shared an article about introverts, and it totally clicked with me, so I wanted to share it here :) It's actually about the ways extroverts can can help / better understand introverts. I'd recommend it.

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