Friday, May 6, 2011


Isn't Abby so pretty?? And such style, too. I've never seen that girl look frumpy or ratty. So pretty.

This afternoon, we went to lunch at Gabby's with Emily and Barry, Scott, and Jen. It was delicious, as always! Afterward, Josh helped Cottage Cove move some freaking huge desks to a school down the road... I mean seriously. Those desks were so big, we joked about putting a mattress on top and calling it a bed. They could only move one at a time! So that took a couple hours, and while the men handled the heavies, us girls hung around at the Cove and chatted :) I was kind of out of it, but I enjoyed myself. I love those girls.

Then this evening, Abby came over! It's always sooo good to catch up with my Abby-friend. We left Josh to hang out at Starbucks, where we ran into none other than Jen, Scott, Chelsea, and Laura! Ha! It was funny. Eventually, Abby and I came back to our house. And Josh is playing Halo with a few of the guys.. always entertaining :P

So yeah. I'm glad that Abby and I have remained close friends throughout the years. I'm thankful for her friendship, and her wisdom, and her great listening skills. I always know that no matter how long it's been since we last caught up, it won't be uncomfortable or awkward.. but rather refreshing and fun! *shrug* I just love you Abby!

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