Monday, May 9, 2011


Happy Mother's Day! This year, I have TWO moms to celebrate!

For lunch, we went to my family's and enjoyed yhummy grilled salmon and lots of veggie sides for lunch. It was awesome because I could eat anything on the table! That doesn't happen for me, like, ever. We had such a great time honoring my sweet Momma. She's one of my very best friends, and it was fun to hang out with her today. We watched The Blind Side while we cuddled under the blankets. :) She looks so cute with her tulips! I love this picture of her.

Then this evening, we went over to the Taylor's to celebrate my new mom :) Momma Laurie got the night off from cooking, and everyone ate a Papa Murphy's Pizza (while I enjoyed a yummy spinach alfredo pretzel). Last weekend at Fired Up, I painted a coffee mug for my mom-in-law, and I got to give that to her today. I think she really liked it, since she immediately filled it with coffee and exclaimed, "it's the perfect size!" :D Here's a super cute pic of her with her mug:

Josh and Jordan went to play a little late night tennis with the MacD's since Scott is leaving tomorrow for Chicago. I was going to go too, but I'm kinda worn out (and I wore shorts and a tank top today - would've been freezing!). Sorry for ditching you, Emily! :/ But Josh said they had a lot of fun :)

So Happy Mother's Day to my Momma and to my Momma Laurie :D (And to all the other sweet moms out there - you ladies deserve to be honored!)

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