Friday, May 13, 2011


Josh and I like to write sweet notes for each other to find :)

Today was a day of "Going To's."

I was going to wake up early and get some chores done, but the thunderstorm last night woke me up a few times, which didn't help my sleep quality. One time it was so loud that the house shook and the smoke detector went off! In my groggy and startled-outta-my-wits state, I stumbled around the house, checking all the rooms and looking out the windows to see if maybe there was a fire (which was silly of me - the smoke detector only beeped like three times and then shut off. I have no idea why it beeped). So instead of getting up and being productive, I slept in way late, and left the chores for another day. Haha.

We were going to hang out with Alex and Seth this afternoon at the Adventure Science Center, but Seth wasn't feeling well :( So we had to postpone the trip. I hope that you feel better, Seth! So instead of hanging out with them, we watched Friday Night Lights. Two episodes to go!

Josh was going to DJ Michelle Kurras's graduation party this evening, but it was canceled due to the rain. :/ So instead of going out there, we went to LCA's graduation. It was short and sweet, which is something EVERY graduation should strive for, haha. It was good :) Congratulations, all you Grads. Enjoy it!

Now we're going to watch another episode of Friday Night Lights before we go to bed. And we're actually going to do that. G'night, blizzog!


  1. I love your sweet love notes to each other. So precious.

  2. I saw you and wanted to say hi but didn't get the chance. Glad you were there. I love short and sweet too!!