Sunday, May 15, 2011


Aren't these pictures of Amy and little Ella ADORABLE?! Ella just fell asleep like that in Amy's arms = The cutest thing I've ever seen. 

This evening, we watched the Survivor finale with the Josh's family and the Musgroves. It was awesome! I can't say it was a shocker, but it was definitely entertaining. Josh and I were happy about Boston Rob's great win... We've been big BR fans since the beginning, and he played a heck of a game! I think he deserved it. I wish Matt would've gotten Fan Favorite over Rob, though. *Shrug* OH WELL. I'm happy for Rob and 'Ambuh.' Also it was really fun because Josh called the whole episode days ago. Right after we watched Wednesday's episode, he predicted exactly what happened hahaha. He's so smart. 

Josh keeps looking over to see how far along I am in this post, haha. He's exhausted and beyond ready to go to bed (yesterday was the first day of the second and more intense month of his Insanity workouts - the man's a trooper). So I'm gonna go so he can get some much needed rest. G'night, faithful few. 

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