Friday, May 20, 2011


Ignore that tall green thing. That's what we're doing for now.
(First I typed, "Ignore the weed," then I realized that seemed a little... off. Ha!)

This is our front "porch." That bicycle welcome mat is new! I love it. The doormat that's keeping the oil can company is our old one - it says "Live Laugh Love." I like that one too, so I'm thinking I'll put it on the back porch. Or maybe at the foot of the stairs leading up to this front porch... But I can't decide if that's too weird or not. *Shrug* for now, it's helping the little slab look less boring. I have big plans that include an old hope chest and a can of spray paint (and putting that crazy-yellow jug INSIDE the previously mentioned hope chest). And maybe a new wreath... Our baby birdies are gone, but they left their filthy nest on my door, and I'd like for my guests to experience a more "fresh" first impression ha ha. Here's a closer picture of the door mat to help you understand why I'm so charmed by the thing:

My brother is going to accuse me of being a *bleeping* hipster
again when he sees this :p

I went to Fired Up this afternoon to put the finishing touches on the piece I started on Wednesday. It took me almost three hours, haha. That's a total of five hours on this one mug - those little details take a long time! But they're worth it, and I know that the birthday girl will love it. I say this every every time, but I really can't wait to see it after it's been fired! Can't wait to share a picture of it with you guys :)

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