Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My little brother Joshie made this sign for mom and put it at the top of the stairs for her to find :)

Today is my momma's birthday! :D Originally, we thought she had to work until close, so we made plans for a date night this evening and a "surprise Mom with gifts on her day off" date tomorrow. But apparently she only worked til 4, and the family was celebrating with dinner and a movie! So we compromised - we kept our dinner date at Outback (gift cards ftw!) and after our date, we went over for a movie with them. It was nice to hang out with them :) We watched "Life as We Know It" (which was pretty cute - better than I expected!) and a classic episode of Monk. Good times :) So happy birthday, Momma! I love you so much!

Our date at Outback was desmishous. DESMISHOUS. But Josh and I agreed that we are not appetizer people, haha. The Bloomin' Onion was awesome and we almost finished the whole thing, which was a problem by the time our food came around. We were both almost full by the time his burger and my tilapia came out. But we had a great time! I love my Josh. He makes me feel so special, and he makes me laugh easier than anyone else <3 Best Friends Forever!

And I guess I'm working backwards here.. so before our date, Josh spent the afternoon with the Powells - they had a lot of fun and made a few videos! I'll post them here when they're up (if I can). While he was gone, I watched a lot of Law & Order: Criminal Intent while I did some chores. It's my guilty pleasure...  Since I discovered that it's on Netflix to Watch Instantly, I've been watching an outrageous amount of it :p Josh hates them, says they're all the same - and I know he's kinda right, haha. But I'm such a sucker for the Sherlock/Watson-esque dynamic between the eccentric Goren and the matter-of-fact Eames. Love it. And apparently Relient K does too - Josh found this video this morning! I'll admit, I giggled a little (like a dork) when he showed it to me :P

I also tried to do the Insanity Fit Test this afternoon - ha! Tried being the operative word there. I barely made it halfway through. But it sure felt good to get my blood pumping.

Well'p, those are the highlights! Happy birthday to my sweet Mom! I'm excited about visiting her on her day off tomorrow and getting to love on her a little more.

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