Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Everyone except Amy had food in their mouth when I snapped this. Bethany does a good job of disguising it, but you can totally tell with David and Josh. Mayyybe I should have given them a minute to swallow their food, then snapped another shot, but I like it the way it is. I think it's cute.

As you can see from today's picture, David and Bethany joined us this evening for Jordan's race! Jordan did well - it was kind of a frustrating race since there was an early breakaway, it was really windy, and his tire was freaking flat. With all that, he placed seventh! (Which makes him third overall this summer!) When we found out that his back tire was at 25psi instead of the like 150psi it's supposed to be (at least I think those numbers are right), I was really impressed. He had to work extra hard, and he was still near the front of the pack. So impressed.

Here's Jordan right after he'd crossed:

I think that smile means, "That was a rough race," haha.

After the race, Bethany and David came over for a little while to hang out. It was FUN! They couldn't stay too late because of the impending weather, but I thoroughly enjoyed having them over. Talking to them about their upcoming wedding made Josh and I nostalgic for the months before our own wedding... Good times. They're such a fun couple, and so sweet together! I think they're gonna do great. ;)

Dude I'm going to bed. Yesterday's bought with Insanity killed my back and legs... G'night!

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