Sunday, May 29, 2011


I finally got to give my momma her birthday present! I'm proud of this mug. It took me almost five hours total (in two sittings), and I'm so so pleased with how it turned out. Definitely worth the time! She loved it :) Here's another angle: 

Annnd now I wanna go back to Fired Up again, hahaha. Anybody wanna take me? ;) I swear, if I worked there, they could pay me in pieces to paint :p I figured out the other day why I like it so much - because I'm creative, I like perfecting the details, and I enjoy working with my hands, but I'm SO not a planner.. I get overwhelmed when I'm inside art stores because I don't know what I want to do. I like to already have everything in front of me when I decide what I'm going to do, haha. Anyway - just a little tidbit about me!

Lunch with my family today was a lot of fun :) Full of laughter and planning and plain ol' catching up :) We ate at the Greek place we like, and Hannah got to come! It would've been the first time everyone got to come, except that my husband didn't get to come :( Josh told his brother he'd be at his bike race today. Apparently, it was a treacherous track - Jordan's coach roughed up his arm pretty bad on a rock and another guy broke his collarbone! :/ But Jordan got 14th overall :) Good job, Jordan!

So now Josh and I are hanging out at home - today is our 9 month anniversary! :D We celebrated with a delicious dinner, and we're gonna hang out the rest of the evening. I love my husband! He makes me so happy :D :D :D Now he's playing "Hack This Game" on the X-Box and it's crrrazy hard! We're having fun trying to figure out all the different codes :) And we've got big plans to play some Halo when I'm done with my blog... Maybe cuddle on the couch and watch some Chuck too, who knows! We're just having fun hanging out together ♥ See y'all tomorrow!

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  1. That mug is awesome!! What a great job!!