Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I love these guys!

Happy Memorial Day! In leiu of game night, we grilled out at the Taylors. None of the regulars got to come but Steven, David, Alex, and Seth came!!!! ♥ We hadn't seen Seth since his birthday in the middle of March, so it was really good to see him before he leaves for Michigan. And it's been a long time since we've hung out with Steven or David, either, so it was just a great evening to see old friends! I'm excited that Steven and David are going to be around this summer - we'll have to have regular bowling and/or Halo hang-outs with those guys. They're fun. :)

So, I gotta say that Mr. Ray makes the best burgers (and salmon burgers). And Amy let me taste her latest creation - It's like a cross between a key lime pie and a cheesecake. Holy cow, it was the most delicious thing I've ever tasted! Too bad I didn't get a picture of it.  Amy, I'm in awe of your skillz. Obviously, culinary genius runs in the family! 

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