Friday, June 3, 2011


Today has been the best day so far. And not only because I've improved, but because I had visitors ♥ This morning, my momma stopped by to give me this amazing quilt she made for me! :D :D Isn't it cute?! Purple and green are my two favorite colors. This quilt will always be so special to me because I know how hard my mom worked on it - she's been working on it all year! I think the timing was just perfect - she brightened my day with it. I needed the cheering, after the week I've had! So after she showed me the beautiful quilt, she and I chatted until she had to go to work. It was really refreshing to hang out with my Momma - it did me a lot of good! :)

Then, this afternoon, Alex came over! :D :D We were going to watch the 6-hour saga A Town Like Alice (the 1981 miniseries)... We were weird kids, growing up. I remember multiple occasions of sitting upstairs, playing with Legos or Playmobile, and watching the whole 6 hours in a single sitting. And it's not like it's captivating or anything! It's pretty boring! We were such weird kids... so anyway, we were going to watch it today, but when he got here, I was playing The Secret of Monkey Island. By the time we grew tired of TSOMI, neither of us wanted to sit through 6 hours of slow-moving British drama, haha. So we hung out for a little and then Alex turned on Alice In Wonderland. (We both hate that stupid dance Johnny Depp does at the end of the movie!) It was really good to hang out with him today as well! We haven't had one-on-one hang out time in a long time, so seeing him did me a lotta good too.

Now, if you'll excuse me, My husband just got home and I haven't seen him very much today... and I've missed him. ♥

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