Saturday, June 18, 2011


This is the remains of a glass jar I was keeping on the top of the fridge. Josh opened the door to get some water, and the jar just fell. No warning! I even had to throw him some shoes, haha. So we cleaned it up and decided to NOT keep glass things on top of the refrigerator. Smart!

I slept so much today. Went to sleep early last night, and didn't get up 'til way late.. And it was awesome. I was so exhausted yesterday, for some reason. Like, I was so tired that I dreamt about falling asleep, over and over, haha. I guess going to out to Murfreesboro on Thursday for Joshie's ceremony wore me out. Or maybe I'm still fighting off some sickness, who knows.. But at least I feel more refreshed than I have in a while! Still no camera today, I'll probably get it back on Monday :) 

Oh, speaking of Monday - we probably won't have a game night this week because Joshie's game that was supposed to happen today was postponed to Monday.  Just a head's up! 

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