Monday, June 20, 2011


Happy Father's Day! This year, not only did I celebrate two moms for the first time, but I also have two Dads to celebrate, for the first time! :) It was a good day - we ate lunch with my family and I got to give my daddy a big hug! I'm so thankful for my daddy and the unconditional love he's always shown me ♥ You're the best, Dad!

Then we ate dinner with the Taylor's and I got to give my 'new' Father in law a big hug. I'm so thankful for how kind Mr Ray has always been to me. He's a great dad! He raised Josh to be a  respectful, loving husband who takes such good care of me. Thanks, Daddy Ray!

My Josh isn't a daddy yet, and he may not be for a few years (but who knows - whatever the Good Lord wills!) but I kept thinking today about how great a father he will be when that time comes. I have no doubt that our children will be showered with love and affection from their daddy - the little girls will know how special and beautiful they are to him, and the little boys will grow up secure in his love and pride for them. I can't wait to see that :D

Deniece and her Josh came over for dinner too - with big news! They're ENGAGED!!!!! It happened right before they came over. He surprised her at Centennial Park. It wa sooo cool to get to hang out with them right after. They were both glowong! It was the sweetest thung! And it made me feel all romantic, remembering the day my own Josh proposed to me. They were so much fun, and seriously adorable all night. Neither one could srop smiling!

So yes. Today was a great day!

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