Tuesday, June 21, 2011


:( Josh went to Relient K's show in Nashville tonight. I was going to go with him - we had a ticket and everything. Thankfully, Steven was able to step in so Josh didn't have to go alone :) See, my foot has been hurting me a lot lately, and standing for several hours probably wouldn't do it any good. So I'm stayed home and I *tried* to keep my foot in a bucket of ice water... Call me a baby, but I couldn't keep it in any longer than a few seconds! I read some of Peter Pan for the first time - it was precious! I only got a few chapters in, but I understand why it's beloved.

Ugh, I waited too long to my blog tonight. I hate when I do that. So that's why you guys get the lame self-portrait. Plus side is I love the shirt I'm wearing! Got it a couple weeks ago ;)

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