Thursday, June 30, 2011


Isn't he cute? I'm so glad to see him sitting up and smiling! 

Nothing too exciting to report. I went on a much-needed grocery run, and my cashier was really nice. Josh said his throat is feeling kinda bleghk, so we're ACV'ing and Airborne'ing and taking it easy for the next few days. I watched yesterday's So You Think You Can Dance on some bootleg site this afternoon before the results show, and I still love Melanie and Marko. ♥ How could you not love them! They were safe tonight (obvs) but I still wasn't thrilled with the decision to send Robert and Miranda home. Shrug. 

Since Josh is on strict orders from his doctor wife to stay in bed, he spent the better part of today designing/working on a map in the Forge World on Halo. It is awe.some. He worked really hard on it, and it's just plain cool! 

That's about it. 

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