Saturday, June 25, 2011


GUESS WHO?! If you guessed "a handful," you would be correct!

But enough with the Mitch Hedberg bits, it was my b-day yesterday, and Kelli said I could update her blog today if I wanted, BOOM. So these were the best gifts I got yesterday. "Adventures in Odyssey: The Official Guide"... I mean, 'nuff said. A new tennis racquet THANK YOU MOM. And then my two absolutely favorites.... things that I've wanted for a very, very long time. My parent's got me a mic for the Canon 7D... I cannot wait to try that thing out soon.

And then Kelli blindsided me with the guy on the far right. It's a rig or "shoulder mount" for the camera... Basically so you can do steady shots while in motion, without having the sloppiness of  holding the camera in your hands. Anyways, I had mentioned MONTHS ago that I wanted one of those, and even did what I thought was a thorough bargain hunt online for one... but the cheapest I could find was like 500 bucks. No sir. So I just forgot about it. Well, Kelli found one for me that was under 100 bucks. Maybe the best present I've ever gotten.... that thing is gonna be fun to learn how to use.

We spend yesterday partying it up with my family, so today was just me and the Mrs. We had an absolute blast. She took me on our inaugural visit to the Belcourt theatre and we saw "The Tree of Life" which I'll probably still be watching 20 years from now. As a piece of art, it was exhilarating, incredible, etc... As a movie, it was a little confusing on first viewing. Parts of it we loved, parts of it we didn't. But it definitely inspired all kinds of conversations on the way home. I'm looking forward to seeing it again and soaking in the scenery, picking up on the nuances, etc. Anyways, definitely something to at least go and experience, if not like! Ha ha.

Well this was fun. "Boy Meets World" and "Adventures in Odyssey"... I don't think I can finish an episode of those TV/radio programs without at least one tear welling up in my eyes. Both are so good. Highly recommended if you've never gotten into either of them. They both have a lot of very good things to say about life, and the best way to live it. KCYA Josh out

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