Saturday, July 2, 2011


This afternoon marked the halfway point of this year! 182 days to go. YAY. Only six more months. 

Josh's throat is still hurting him :( but he got to go to Jordan's race this afternoon - Jordan did well and got 6th in the race, and he's still in first overall! I slept in, so I wasn't ready to go when Josh left. 

And as the picture shows, we're makin' popsicles! We so excited.

P.S. Update on my foot: it's getting a lot better! Now it just looks like a bruise, and it barely hurts me. The cream the doctor prescribed me has been wonderful - and it didn't make me sick! Such a plus. I've been taking pictures of it every other day to track the healing progress, so maybe I'll post a before/after photo either here or on facebook. One of these days. 

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