Sunday, July 10, 2011


This is one of my favorite things about our current little townhouse... This skylight in the staircase. It keeps us from having to turn on the light upstairs when the sun is shining! Plus it's just cool in general. :P Josh and I have been dreaming lately of owning our own house, so I've spent the last coupla days thinking about the design elements I'd love for our future house to have. And I have some inspiration photos, thanks to Pinterest! I'm learning that I love the look of big windows with airy curtains, the contrast of rustic hardwood floors and crisp white trim, lightly colored walls with creatively arranged b&w photos, and big kitchens with big islands. So. Pretty much the opposite of how I've decorated our current home, lol.. I think that's funny :p I'm having a lot of fun dreaming! 

What prompted my sudden interest in the look of our future house, you ask? Well, we don't plan to actively search for a house anytime soon. We still love our little townhouse ;) But a few days ago, as we daydreamed, we actually worked out some logistics. Now we have a tentative timeline, savings goals, and a new monthly budget we'll have to follow to meet said savings goals in said timeline. So exciting :) 

Josh beat Portal 2 today! It was awesome. Probably my favorite game to help/watch him solve. I'd say that it's comparable to Limbo (which we all know I love). But while the beauty of Limbo is that it's all puzzles and very little story (making it very mysterious and intense), Portal managed to use a greatly entertaining story line to enhance the puzzles you have to perform, without losing any of the mystery that makes it interesting. So yeah. I'm sure I don't have to urge any of my gamer friends to try it - you've probably already beaten it, ha - but I'm just saying. I enjoyed it a lot! We're gonna start the co-op mode within the next couple of days, methinks. Looking forward to it! 

So that was my day. Dreams and Portal. Or if you're my husband, dreams of Portal. Srsly, that game gets in your head... 

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